iGPS WATCH: Smart Wearables that Provide Better Child Safety

Dallas Vasquez, CEO, iGPS WATCHDallas Vasquez, CEO
Every parent’s priority is the responsibility they have toward their child. Parents go to great lengths to keep their children within a safe and secure environment, often a luxury they are not allowed, and are forced to leave their children in the protective care of others while at work. iGPS WATCH, a wearable device technology company has just the solution for this predicament; they produce devices specially designed for children between the ages of four and twelve, which is controllable by parents via a mobile app for monitoring purposes. The device offers parents a chance to stay in touch with their child even while they are away. The company hinges on three factors while building their wearable products—safety, communication, and responsibility.

iGPS WATCH offers an assortment of wearable smart devices through which they empower parents with the capacity to receive round-the-clock alerts regarding the whereabouts of their children. Fully equipped with safety features that can provide the accurate geolocations of the wearer to their parents, the watch comes with a touchscreen that allows for toggling between functionality screens. A non-removal sensor that issues alerts when device removal occurs is also included. Another feature that the company offers is the creation of safe zones via geo-fencing. Parents are notified if the child wanders away from a safe zone.
The highlight feature of the device is its ability for two-way communication that facilitates a connection between phone numbers pre-stored in the device by the parent. The user can call, send, and receive text messages, and also leave voice messages. The company is inclined to making children more responsible, and they have achieved this by embedding scheduler options in the device, which the parents can use to create tasks through the mobile app for their children to complete. Children can view and notify parents when they have finished a job, and parents can appreciate them for it, encouraging good habit formation.

Compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices, the smartwatch is available for purchase across the U.S., directly from the iGPS WATCH website, or through retailers, or partnered e-commerce platforms. Customers can initiate the setup immediately after they buy the device. “iGPS WATCH is one of the first wearable device companies to offer an out-of-the-box working product for kids,” confirms Dallas Vasquez, CEO of the company. The device can be activated using the iGPS WATCH mobile app in just a couple of minutes. The iGPS WATCH app and software are integrated directly with several of their cellular carrier partners in the U.S. and globally. Parents can select a service plan and the iGPS app will activate their services and generate their new watch phone number all from inside the app in a matter of seconds.

iGPS provides complete customer care for all their customers from their offices in Fort Myers, FL and Temecula, CA. The company recently extended its services to UK and Mexico. The first quarter of 2019 sparks a lot of excitement for the iGPS WATCH team, as they plan to add more retailers across the U.S. A proposed expansion of footprints into Columbia and the Nordic countries—Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, is also in the cards. Currently, the company is in talks with private schools to provide them with wearable devices for students. The gadget will have Bluetooth-enabled in-school monitoring options that will allow teachers and the school staff to monitor the activity of students during school hours allowing for a secure environment in and around schools.