WESTUNITIS: The Future In Front of your Eyes

Takahito Tony Fukuda, President, WESTUNITISTakahito Tony Fukuda, President
With technology becoming smaller and smarter, integrating it into everyday life has become a necessity. From smart watches and fitness trackers, apparels to smart glasses, wearable technology is making inroads in every sector. While juggernauts of various industries are slow to adopt this trend, startups counter intuitively are delving more in-depth and are emphasizing on getting the experience right—from the way the hardware looks and feels to how the software collects, analyzes, and presents data. One of the pioneers of this new trend is WESTUNITIS, a wearable computing company from Osaka, Japan that is focused on developing ‘Next Gen’ wearable devices which will take over smartphones.

Beginning its operations as a planning and production studio to create maintenance and technical manuals, WESTUNITIS has utilized the knowledge cultivated through analog and digital manual production today to create wearable hardware and software. This is done for making human assist manuals which can be intuitively understandable and easy to use.”The firm combines graphics interface and advanced technology to develop products that meet the market needs. Two of them being the ‘InfoLinker™’ and the ‘picoLinker™; the former, a glasses-type wearable computer for businesses-to-businesses transactions, and the latter, a light-weight monocular head mounted display used to connect to small PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

These smart-glasses can be used at manufacturing sites to manage working processes and at construction sites for support surveying, at medical institutes for ‘record and live streaming, for maintenance to support remote working systems, at motorsports for sharing information with the pit crew, and at warehouses as an AR picking system.
“As a B2B enterprise solution provider, our core business is all about bringing efficiency and improvement through our hardware and software,” states Takahito Tony Fukuda, President at WESTUNITIS.

With the aim of achieving a de facto standard in the industry through its one-step advanced hardware and software, WESTUNITIS offers customized services after understanding the problems of its clients. However, with wearable solution still being a new concept for both developers and users, the firm assures customer services for both due to the challenges faced by them—one such being the content displayed on the wearable. “We think the content is most important for the wearable, especially in the form of graphics, therefore, it is essential that the hardware and the software are synchronized with each other. Also, as a developer we should always be human centered, not too tech oriented” asserts Fukuda.

As a wearable hardware and software developer, WESTUNITIS ensures problems are solved in a quick fashion, thereby, simplifying the process and providing value. One such client to benefit from this was Taisei Construction Co., Ltd. Since the firm worked with numerous people, it wanted to simplify and improve work efficiency, as well as prevent mistakes from occurring while transcribing surveyed data, and reduce labor in form preparation. With the help of the InfoLinker™, Taisei Construction was able to check positions in real time. In addition, voice operation led to their hands being free, thereby, leading to the implementation of safe measurement work. Also, the surveyed data could now be converted to an automatic form on the spot, reducing cost—due to the reduction in the number of workers—improving work and assuring safety.

Another client to find the InfoLinker™ a blessing in disguise was an automotive manufacturing firm. On using the device for assembly and inspection process to assist workers and check a bunch of items, it solved working accuracy problems and reduced reporting time. This made work easier at the working site and for the management.

Besides emphasizing on training and educating the ‘Next Gen’ to transfer skills and know-hows on this new technology and making a social contribution, WESTUNITIS believes in the philosophy “always create something that meets the needs of the times and customers.” Hence, the firm is planning on developing new wearable models that will be launched next year. Apart from focusing on glasses, WESTUNITIS is set to create smart clothing and develop Tech AI for human life assisting “Our firm is set to make a breakthrough in the future with ideas not to be confined by the existing ones,” concludes Fukuda.